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Set of crisp black and white icons for wireframes and software mockups creation, websites and software applications including iPhone and iPod apps.Before using the application, make sure to run it from a local directory to avoid problems with file access on the web. It's recommended to run the application in the same directory as the icons/symbols that it contains.This is the zip folder that contains the application and the icons.This is the application's direct link for download:For the convenience of users, we have included a Dropbox folder in this zip file for users with Dropbox accounts. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can always download the application from the direct link above and run it offline.Instructions for use:Open the zip fileGo to the downloaded folder and run the executable, then click on the Open Folder button in the main windowYou will find all the folders of the icon set in this folder.Example usage:Open the desired folder and open Wireframe black and white icon set Torrent Download.Open the new icon in the main windowUse the mouse to drag it to a wireframe or mockup area of your choice.For the 1st icon, select a background color and then select a 2nd color from a palette or sample an image of your choice.You can use any color of a 2nd background color and select a 2nd color from a palette or sample an image of your choice.Save the icon.Save the icon and open another one to see what the saved icon looks like in the main window.Note that the saved icon is still in wireframe mode. You can change to a live preview mode to see a real icon in a website or software application you are designing.Download link:You can find all the icons and icons' previews in this direct is a free icon search engine from where you can download thousands of free icon files. The icons are copyright of their original owners.Vector or Sketch files are generally vector based and can be scaled infinitely without a loss of quality. You 08929e5ed8


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